Youth Formation

Grace Church Youth program includes all children in grades six through twelve. We meet in the Youth Room each Sunday during the Christian Formation time from 9:30-10:30, and several times a year on Wednesday evenings and Sunday evenings for fellowship, games, and worship.

A team of nine adults, both men and women, facilitate our time together. All of our adult facilitators are certified in the Episcopal Church’s program for safeguarding our youth and our adults against abuse and exploitation. The Youth are always in a safe and hospitable environment that allows room for individuality and also protects against bullying or other abuse.

All youth participating in Christian Education and/or special events during the 2018-2019 school year should please fill out and return an information forms for our records.


Our theme this year is “Capacity and Resiliency”. We are focused on equipping our Youth with the skills they need to be resilient to life in school and society and be able to have appropriate language around their Episcopal identity in the Christian faith.

The Youth learn Bible research skills along with different lenses for interpreting biblical texts using the week’s lectionary texts that are used in our worship time.

As a companion to this work, the Youth participate in exercises to develop proficiency in civil discourse around various topics that are common to their lives as teens.

Because of our Pilgrimage to Scotland and Iona (grades 9-12), all the Youth will be doing work around the book How the Irish Saved Civilization, learning about the missionary work of St. Columba that brought Christianity to the Celtic culture.

Choirs & Acolytes

Youth are encouraged to participate in choral programs for their age level as part of their worship to God and also to be acolytes in the worship services. These activities are complementary to Sunday School participation.


We recognize the dignity of each of our youth and are committed to creating and maintaining a hospitable environment for all youth, teaching by modeling how to respect every person, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Parents are encouraged to meet privately with Dr. Park in advance of bringing their child into the youth program so that every effort may be made to help your child feel welcomed as a beloved child of God.