Sunday morning worship at Grace Episcopal Church remains online. Evening Prayer is offered outdoors on Sunday evenings for a congregation of 50 or less. All are welcome, however registration is required. Please visit our Grace@Home page for the registration link and to see all the ways we are staying connected to one another, to Grace, and to God!



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Annual Stewardship Campaign

Telling Our Story

Stewardship is the means by which we can give back to the parish as well as the community at large, not only with monetary gifts, but with our gifts of time and talent. Grace is blessed with so many wonderful members who contribute countless hours to the many ministries in which we are actively involved.

Our focus for the 2021 campaign is Telling Our Story. We have quite a story to tell, don’t we? We have our Christian story, arching through over twenty centuries. We have our story of Grace Church, preparing to enter into our third century. We have the stories of our families, and the stories of each of our hearts during these past six months. Our stories are complex, full of grief and joy, frustration and faithfulness. We have learned a great deal about ourselves during these months, and we have learned a great deal about God’s grace in times of loss and confusion, anxiety and fear.

This year’s stewardship campaign will be a bit different, because we have been taken outside of our “normal” way of doing things. We hope that by focusing on our stories we can be reminded of God’s presence in our lives.  So, on this year’s financial pledge form you will find a box where you can write a brief story from your life during these days. How have you experienced God’s grace? How have you been stretched and challenged to grow in your practice of faith? We plan on sharing our collection of stories for the wider community, to mark this time both for ourselves and for future generations who will look back on our experience.

What is your story? What is our parish’s story? What is God’s story? How do these stories weave together and open our eyes to see God’s compassionate presence all around us? And how can we build on the richness of these stories and step even more fully into the years to come as a Christian community?

Join us in Telling Our Story!

Make Your Pledge

We encourage you to submit your 2021 pledge electronically at the links below. You also have the option to print your own copies of the forms and mail them in. If you would like copies of the forms mailed to you, please email your name and address to the parish office.

Financial Pledge

Time & Talent Pledge