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Date Posted: July 30, 2020

Youth Sunday School This Fall

Youth in grades 6-12 will be using Tim Sean Youmans’ Blessed to Bless: An Introduction to the Bible as our curriculum for Sunday School this fall.

This is a systematic study of the Hebrew Scriptures (6th – 9th grades) and Christian Scriptures (10th – 12th grades). Because we hear you loud and clear that you are “over” virtual/online classes, we are proposing the following:

We will mail (or deliver) a copy of the Study Guide along with a Bible to EACH student! Each week, I will give suggestions about what to read and direct the youth to questions or statements to guide their reflection. Youth will be asked to record their thoughts either in their books or in a separate journal. At some point, we hope to be able to announce plans to gather in person and at that time we will want to have our notes with us.

When we are able to gather in person, our plan will be to gather 6th and 7th graders one week; the next week 8th and 9th graders; and the following week 10th-12th graders. The fourth (or sometimes fifth) week will be open for some outdoor activity (weather permitting) that allows the possibility of keeping safe distances. By separating the youth this way, we are confident that we can gather in the Youth Room and still have space between the kids.

Please know that Cheryl Kelley, Fr. Stuart, and the staff is praying for each of you during these days. We are still the Church.

Grace and Peace,
Ema Cynthia+

If you are new to Grace Church and are/have a 6-12th grade student interested in joining our youth group, please contact Ema Cynthia or Cheryl Kelley. We look forward to welcoming you!