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Date Posted: July 15, 2020

Sacred Walking – The Labyrinth

Labyrinths are ancient symbols of the spiritual journey—from the outer world, to the innermost parts of our spiritual hearts, and back to the world again. A labyrinth might look like a maze, but it’s not, because you cannot get lost in a labyrinth. There is one path in and out. You simply let the path guide you, and find nourishment for your soul.

With our opportunities for in-person worship limited, we’ve created a temporary labyrinth in the parking lot of the Grace Center, as a way to reconnect to our spiritual home, and find rest and renewal. Come check it out! It will become part of a larger prayer walk around campus (coming soon!)

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to walk a labyrinth. It is your journey. You might try something like this:

  • Before you begin, take a moment to center yourself. Take a few deep breaths or offer a simple prayer.
  • When you’re ready to begin, walk to the entrance.
  • At the entrance, acknowledge the labyrinth as a sacred space with a gesture such as a small bow or nod before you begin.
  • Follow the path to the center. You will return on the same path.
  • Walk at your own pace. You may stop along the way.
  • It helps to pay attention to your breathing.
  • If you get off the path, step back on it and any point, and continue your walk.
  • As you begin the path into the center, release…. Let go of anything troubling you and let yourself settle and quiet.
  • When you are in the center, receive whatever might come to you: peace, inspiration, an answer, a blessing.
  • As you walk out, prepare to return to the world with the help you have received in walking the Labyrinth.

Below are links to samples of Walking Journals for adults and children, if you find this a meaningful practice.

Enjoy! Blessings on your walk.

Cheryl Kelley
Director of Christian Formation