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The Grace Church nave is located at the corner of Washington Street and Boulevard in Gainesville, Georgia.

The parish office, open Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, is located at 422 Brenau Avenue. Come to the red door that faces Brenau Avenue and ring the bell for access.

Mailing Address: 422 Brenau Avenue, Gainesville, GA 30501
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2020 Weekly News

Date Posted: April 7, 2020

News for April 5-11

Maundy Thursday: April 9 at 6:00 PM

While the hallmark of this service is traditionally the washing of feet, this year we are working to develop a service that focuses on shared meals in our homes–thus the slightly earlier time.

We will share hymns, Scripture readings, and a reflection, and then we will share prayers over meals together. During these prayers, we will remember the many ways God has blessed us with nourishment and community, and at the end of the service, we will set up small group spaces for those who want to remain on the line and actually set their computers or phones near the table to continue their dinner together with friends old and new! Isn’t technology interesting?

Good Friday: April 10 at 12:00 PM

On this pivotal day in Holy Week, the beginning of what we call the Triduum, the three sacred days, we will be able to share the entire Good Friday liturgy via zoom. We will share prayers, readings, and the Solemn Collects. As we reflect on the suffering and passion of Christ through the lens of our own current experience, these prayers should take on special significance.

At 3:00 PM, Cynthia will live stream the Stations of the Cross from her home prayer space. We will offer worksheets that you can download, setting up 14 spaces in your own home to share in this time of prayer and meditation.

Zoom Changes

Passwords are now required for all Zoom meetings. You can find Meeting IDs and passwords in your weekly email newsletter or in the email sent by the meeting host.

You can find some general instructions on how to use zoom here; for more information visit the zoom help center. We also have a couple of parishioners who have kindly offered to assist those who have questions, please email Jennifer Williams to request help.

Holy Week at Home

April 5 marks the beginning of Holy Week, a time when we as a church remember Jesus’ last days on Earth before Easter Sunday. Ordinarily, we would begin the week with our procession on Palm Sunday, and gather together several times during the week as we remember different moments in the Passion Story.

Since we won’t be able to gather together physically this year, I invite you to consider creating an altar or prayer space in your own home. [Video below, or written instructions here].

Remember that the church is not a building but a community who gathers in prayer so that we become the body of Christ in the world, and that God lives not in a building, but in each of us. Thus, our homes can also be places of prayer. Having a dedicated prayer space helps us remember these truths, and is a great way to help create order and peace in your home.

Another at-home resource, Holy week in a Box, contains a list of a few simple items you can gather and place in a box near your prayer space (which might be your family altar, or maybe your kitchen table!), and readings, reflection questions and practices for each day of Holy Week to help us remember the story of Jesus’ last week.

Check out Grace@Home for other resources, and the schedule of Zoom formation and worship opportunities. “See” you soon!

Cheryl Kelley
Director of Christian Formation

Pledge Contributions

With no opportunity to pass the plate during worship, we have had several questions on how best to make pledge payments. The office mail is picked up daily so pledge payments can be mailed to Grace Episcopal Church, 422 Brenau Ave., Gainesville, Georgia 30501. Pledge payments can also be made online. If you have any questions please email Reba Page.

Music on Spotify

In the past few weeks, we have all been thrown into a virtual and tech driven world. I have certainly had a learning curve with join.me/zoom/etc. However, one platform I widely used before all of this was Spotify. It is a fabulous audio streaming service! We use this some with the Parish Choir as a way to listen to classical choral music, but I also use it for contemporary/pop around the house, in the car, and working out. It offers an enormous variety and selection of music from all genres and time periods. I know some of you are familiar with Spotify, but if you are not, I would highly recommend you look into it.  

We can’t create music in person right now, but we can still listen to great music! I created some playlists of choral music for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. If you already have Spotify, simply click the links below and they will bring you to each playlist. If you don’t have Spotify, you can download the application here:  https://www.spotify.com/us/. There is a free version, it includes some ads and limits your functions. Personally, I’ve had the premium version for years since I use Spotify all the time. It’s the best $9.99 I spend a month!

Will Gotmer
Director of Music/Organist

Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom

Those who attended Morning Prayer on Zoom last Sunday may have noticed that it appeared as if Jeremy Landers was sitting in the nave, thanks to Zoom’s virtual background feature. We thought some of you might like to worship in the church (virtually of course!) too so Jeremy has written up a tutorial with instructions on how to make that happen. You can find some images of Grace Church to download and use as your virtual background in this photo album.

Graduate Recognition

Grace Church typically honors all graduates from high school, college, and graduate school each spring. Although nothing is typical right now, we are still planning to produce our annual Graduate Recognition bulletin! The publication will be provided as a printable .pdf document link in one of the May issues of our email newsletter. High school graduates will also be recognized at a 10:45 AM worship service on a Sunday in the future when we are able to be together again in person!

If you will graduate (or have a child graduating) this spring/summer, please submit the online information form on or before Sunday, May 3. Information submitted after the deadline will not appear in the printable bulletin but high school graduates will still be recognized at church.

Virtual Community Bulletin Board

Grace parishioners – do you own or work for a company that has come up with creative solutions to continue to safely serve customers? We’d be happy to post that information on our new virtual community bulletin board. Send information to Jennifer Williams.

This post highlights some events and news pertinent to the upcoming week.