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The Grace Church nave is located at the corner of Washington Street and Boulevard in Gainesville, Georgia.

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Date Posted: September 10, 2019

Compassion Ministries: Keeping Us All in the Loop

With the kick off of our Formation Year, we thought it might be a good time to refresh the parish about some key information with regard to prayer concerns, pastoral emergencies, and way-finding through the channels to make sure we know how best to minister to each of you.

Contacting Clergy

Both Stuart and Cynthia have “Open Doors” and are always open to meetings with individuals, couples, or families. Because they value your time and want to be free from distractions, the most effective way to schedule a meeting is to call Brenda Morgan (770-536-0126) or Jessica Voyles (770-536-0126). For non-emergencies, both clergy are available for appointments Sunday through Thursday. Their Sabbath and family time is Friday and Saturday.

In emergency situations (sudden hospitalizations, injuries, etc.) both can be reached on their cell phones (Stuart: 404-788-9365; Cynthia: 703-888-7263). The most effective way to reach them is to text them. Please include your name in the text so that they know to whom they are responding.

Facebook and Social Media

Please do not assume that because you post something on Facebook about a pastoral or family situation that this information reaches the clergy. Cynthia is not on any social media and Stuart uses it on a limited basis. Some information does, of course, eventually make its way to them by this route, but generally too late for them to make a timely response. If you want clergy to know something, please call or email Brenda or Jessica and they will make sure to get the information to the clergy.

Presence During Hospitalizations

Either priest is available to pray with individuals prior to surgery. When the surgery is at either Gainesville or Braselton hospitals, they can usually be present. When the surgery is to take place in Atlanta, the clergy will arrange to pray with persons at the church office or in their homes prior to them leaving town.

Financial Assistance

The clergy have access to funds to assist parishioners directly during a financial crisis. This assistance is strictly confidential and is handled on a case by case basis.

Financial assistance for persons outside the parish is handled through the several agencies that Grace Church supports in Hall County. Information about these various agencies is available at our Information/Reception Desk Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 5:00 or by contacting the Hall County United Way Compass Center at 770-536-1121.

Disseminating Pastoral News

A group of parishioners has devoted themselves for decades to the ongoing ministry of intercessional prayer. When pastoral situations arise and the person involved asks specifically to be included in either the Prayers of the People (Sunday morning) or the longer term prayers of the community, a brief notice is distributed through an email list to those persons who have offered to intercede in prayer for specific situations. Permission is essential before the information can be shared. This group includes the Community of Hope, the Daughters of the King, and other persons who have asked to be included.

Leaving Prayer Requests on Sundays

A notebook is located on one of the small tables in the Narthex (the gathering area outside the Nave) in which you may notify the Church of persons to be included in the Prayers of the People on Sunday mornings. These names will be remembered aloud in our prayers for three weeks, in the case of illness, and mentioned once, in the case of death.

Caring or Crowding?

The entire parish staff, lay and clergy, fully respect the privacy of all the parishioners. If you miss a few weeks, please know that unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume you are well. It is heartbreaking when someone “resurfaces” after an absence and we learn that they had been in the hospital or home ill and felt forgotten. A phone call or text can keep us all connected, and help us care for each other.

Please email Cynthia or Stuart with any further questions you may have.