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The Reverend Dr.
Cynthia Park, LPC

Senior Associate Rector


Dr. Park joined the staff at Grace in 2014 as the Associate Rector for Ministries of Compassion. She worked directly with all initiatives within the parish and with community partners that address the needs of the poor, the hungry, the lonely, and the sick. In addition to programs that address the critical needs in these areas, she also worked to develop responses to the underlying causes of these conditions, and this work crosses over into areas of adult and child religious and spiritual formation and participation within and outside our parish community.

Her particular work with the women at Grace has spread to women throughout Hall County and across denominational and religious lines. In 2016, the women from Grace began an annual retreat that has continued to grow by the participation of women from several other churches in the area in addition to Grace women. Among her community partnerships, she works with the governor’s office on assisting released felons re-entering our communities. She also serves on boards at both Brenau University and the University of North Georgia.

In 2017 Cynthia brought her wisdom and experience as a priest, therapist, parent, and grandparent to bear in a re-imagining of our youth ministry. Recognizing the complexity of adolescence and young adulthood, Cynthia is coordinating a space for our youth with grace, compassion, and honesty. She also works with Cheryl Kelley, our Director of Christian Formation, to weave Youth Ministry into the broader tapestry of Formation with children and adults.

Cynthia will continue to serve as the key staff liaison with the Compassion Cluster, supporting the rich work of Pastoral Care, Outreach, Community of Hope, and others. With the expansion of Cynthia’s role supporting the youth ministry of our parish comes the new title of Senior Associate.

Cynthia has worked as a language and performance consultant for The Seed Company, a branch of The Wycliffe Bible Translators. Her recent research has focused on the biblical book of Ruth. She is popular retreat leader and teacher and enjoys any discussion or interest in the subject of biblical Hebrew, the primary focus of her doctoral program at The Catholic University of America, from which she was awarded a PhD from the Department of Semitic and Egyptian languages and Literatures.

After graduating from Virginia Theological Seminary, she was ordained to the priesthood in the Diocese of Virginia, where she served as assistant at Saint Clement Episcopal Church in Alexandria before she and her husband Jack moved to Georgia. Also a licensed professional counselor, Dr. Park’s ministry is shaped by the influences of psychology, cognitive behaviorism, linguistics, and theology as well as her companionship with her colleague Stuart – a not insignificant piece of the joy of her vocation.

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