The World Peace Village is designed as an intergenerational event, one where children and parents as well as individuals walk together the path toward peace, tolerance and understanding. With its interactive elements, it has been used by churches, universities, schools, museums, conferences and retreats as a way of bringing diverse cultures together in a spirit of peace. The World Peace Village can be the tool to spotlight peace and tolerance in a setting where all generations can have access to its prayerful atmosphere.

At each center participants learn through experience and come to respect unfamiliar faith traditions. Each of the six centers is made up of a banner on a stand (3ft by 6ft) depicting a center of worship for each tradition. Displayed in front of the banners are sacred items from the traditions used in worship. Visitors can touch the sacred objects displayed, read about the tradition, say a prayer of peace, learn a word for peace and make a spiritual practice from each tradition.

The Golden Rule, found in the sacred teachings of each tradition, anchors and underscores the shared core values of all the spiritual practices.

from www.worldpeacevillage.org