Christian Education: Sunday Morning Classes

Learn more about Sunday morning opportunities for adults below. 

Palm Cross Making

Everyone is invited to make palm crosses in the Parish Hall on Sunday, March 18 from 9:30 - 10:30 AM. This inter-generational activity will be our Christian Education class for the day, no other classes will meet.

Members of DOK will be available with instructions so that everyone, including those of us who have done this before, can learn/remember how to make them. Please bring a pair of scissors with you, and mark them so you'll get the same pair back.

Younger children, who may have difficulty making palm crosses, will have an opportunity to join the youth in their project making place mats for Meals on Wheels. So there will be activities for all ages in the parish hall this Sunday. Please join us!

Sunday Forum

On March 25 please plan to join the Sunday Forum for Easter at Home ideas for all ages.

The Forum meets Sunday mornings from 9:30—10:30 AM in the Parish Hall.

The Seekers

The Seekers is an adult Sunday school class in which the members of the class choose a topic, usually a video-based resource, to study for the semester or year. This fall, we have selected Living the Questions. Living the Questions creates an environment in which we can learn about the best of today's theological thought and explore what is next for Christianity. Each Sunday, we will watch a 20 minute video which includes conversations with leading voices of faith, sermons, lecture clips, and digital stories illustrating aspects of an evolving faith and concrete spiritual practices, followed by a discussion facilitated by Chaudron Gille. Our goal is not to find the answers, but to explore the questions together. The structure of the class is such that it is not essential to be present for all the sessions; you can come when you are able, and all are welcome!

Topics include:
An Invitation to Journey, Taking the Bible Seriously, Thinking Theologically, Stories of Creation, Lives of Jesus, A Passion for Christ: Paul, Out into the World, Restoring Relationships, The Prophetic Jesus, Evil, Suffering & the God of Love, The Myth of Redemptive Violence, and Practicing Resurrection

The Seekers will meet Sunday mornings from 9:30—10:30 AM in the Conference Room of the Grace Center. 

Bible Study

The Sunday morning Bible study will meet in room 210 of the preschool/children's wing during the colder months. Join us to read the New Testament in chronological order and explore how the church grew in it's faith. Learn how the world around it helped or hindered it's growth and how it changed based on the times.

In February we will be reading:

  • February 4: Colossians
  • February 11: Gospel of Matthew
  • February 18: Hebrews
  • February 25: Gospel of John

Besides reading the New Testament scriptures, our other primary text is Evolution of the Word by Marcus Borg. We are also utilizing and occasionally, The New Testament video series from The Great Courses.

The Bible Study meets Sunday mornings in room 210 of the preschool wing from 9:30—10:30 AM.

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