Saturday, September 15
Practice: The Grounding of Contemplative Practice

Focus for the Day

We will focus on the importance of contemplative practices, grounding ourselves in silence and an openness to the Spirit’s presence within our hearts. It is essential that we delve more deeply into the contemplative tradition within Christianity as we recognize the pressures we face in today's world. By anchoring ourselves in dedicated times of silence, resting in God’s presence, we encounter a “spaciousness” in which we can find our true selves, beyond our ego-grasping mind.

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Facilitators and Speakers

The Rev. Dr. Tilden Edwards

Tilden, Founder and Senior Fellow at The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, was executive director for over 27 years. An Episcopal priest with parish experience, he is a nationally respected speaker, retreat leader and author, most recently of Embracing the Call to Spiritual Depth.

He has designed and led contemplative programs since 1979, continues to write and teach about the spiritual life, and serves on the staff of all of our long-term programs.




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